Welcome to Flewer! The first App that keeps you in contact with local professionals in your area.

How many times have you left a club without a way to reconnect with the professionals at that club? Flewer is the answer!

Find professional in your area!

Request friendships or start a private conversation with a Virtual Gift.

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Follow Your favorite Club

When you follow a club you will see thier special events, promotions, and news. Eliminating the need to search thier sites or ask the staff. We have got you covered.

Receive Free E-Ticketsh4>

It's only after you are linked with your performer that you can receive powerful VIP E-Tickets from them. Who doesn't love special attention?

Awesome Features

Flewer is a unique social networking App that keeps you in contact with the staff of any club or venue. Flewer is completely safe and free.

No FAKE users or professionals allowed!

Flewer verifies all performers or talent listed in the search screens. Thier club or venue also vouches for them. There is a rabbit at the end of the hole, Alice! Search away!

Our Mission

Our Mission is to keep all communications and invitations safe for the staff and the users. We want you to be able to go to the venue and see your performer as planned.

Find Your Star

To find your talented professional, like a DJ, dancer, waiter, chef, performers at the clubs or venues just got super easy and fast. Our unique special section of clubs or nearby search filters will connect you to the performers with the connected club your searching..

Fling your Credits

You can Fling your account balances in order to get personalized attention and interact with the professionals. Most of them would love to receive Virtual Gifts or Virtual Tips. This way when you show up, you stand apart from the croud and really get noticed!.

Hot Profiles

It is easy to look for your favorite performer and see their images or videos theyn have posted. Under our special section "Gift Payment", you can get personalized attention and be more connected to them. It's fun and informative!

Innovative Chat

The chat is presented to be a jumping off point, a place where you can cross a bridge betwen you and the professionals. Here is where you can exchange pictures, videos, locations or audio clips. But remember, being a fan shouldn't come with entitlement. When you make it rain they shine brighter for you. And why shouldn't they, you are thier fan and they know it! Depending on the person, you can suspect to give a gift for personal attention and to be eligible for VIP E-Tickets.

How It Works

Flewer has two ways to register yourself as a User. Facebook or through the App.

How to Install and Login

It has never been so easy, just download the App from your iOS or Android store and register yourself. Then take a tour, and This also gives us proof that you are not a robot..

Find a Professional or a Venue

You will have the possibility to change the search view between the professionals or the clubs page, and follow them with a simple request to the one you like more.


Send a gift to become a fan. Please check through the profiles and get ready to make future connections.

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How to Interact

Once you are in and you find the right Match, send the credits requested to follow and away you go to interact with them.

Clubs and Venues

Clubs and venues will not ask you any verification questions to follow thier staff members. Opening up more possibilities to give you direct customer service in chat forums where you can be connected, networked and ask questions.

E Tickets

Flewer's E-ticket is a competely new and innovative function! Once you are linked with the professionals you can ask for or receive special VIP E-Tickets. These can that allow you to enter in the clubs without paying cover, get a special table, free merch, or extra attention. Possibilites are endless on E-Tickets! Fun!

How to Share

Just tell your friends and venues of our existence!

Why Us ?

The more the merrier... and birds of a feather... Because with Flewer everybody wins!

It's a Great App

With Flewer you can see when they're working in the App without having to text and interrupt them while their working. Become a real connected fan to the bartender at your favorite bar, your favorite chef at your favotite restaurant, not only will they appreciate that, they will appreciate seeing you even more!

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Spread the word on how to find talented people

Nothing is so easy like it is now to be noticed and connected. Suggest Flewer and the rest may start happening magically around you. Be in control of your social life without wasting any time loooking for your favorite people and venues. .

Our Mission

We take fradulent issues very seriously and it is our mission to keep all users and performers safe from any fraudulent issues.

It's a great social App

Flewer is unique in the social life world and it is way seperate from the dating and other network marketing Apps.We connect and unite Talent to Fan! So, Get Flewer and Get Noticed!

Our Logout is safe and secure

There is no need to second guess about our logout feature. Everything is all good in that department and your privacy and security are our priorities.

Our Mission

Flewer in many ways is a fun game, it is also the way to connect you with your favorite talented people in the world of going out! Tipping, generosity, appreciation, gratitude for jobs well done are recommended to keep you in thier sights.

Great App

Get Noticed, Get Connected, and join the fun anytime you like either in person at the venue or virtually.

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Flewer Screenshots

Check out our user interface that allows everyone to have the best experience ever in an fast and clean design.

Getting Closer to a Flewer World

Flewer is the right App to access for all your nightlife, food & beverage needs. Get entertained! What are you waiting for?!

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Ready for Apple and Android

Our Platforms are Apple and Apple with a future versions for the Windows phone and BlackBerry.

  • Verify Staff
  • Easy to get attention
  • Talk with staff, club or venue
  • Free VIP E-Tickets
  • Live Updatesli>
  • Short Profiles
  • Clubs news and events
  • Working staff "Live-List"
  • Invitations from the staff
  • Best Video and Pictures
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Our Team

The Team composes of the best professionals around the world, with great talents and initiative.

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Alberto Massa


Alberto Massa , Alberto Massa, Project Manager and Owner of Cyber Alpha tech with homebase in Singapore and USA. Alberto is the IT of the company with his 25+ years of experience in software design and he made Flewer Real..

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Job Opportunity

Executive Director.

Vacancy Position .

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Dont hesitate to contact us, our team is available 24/7.


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